What are the functions of the wood chipper attachment


Wood chipper attachments are ancillary equipment used with wood chippers to aid in the operation of the wood chipper and to increase the efficiency of the wood chipper. They have the following functions:


1.Knives: One of the main functions of wood chipper attachments is to carry different types and shapes of knives for shearing and crushing wood. The knives are usually made of high-strength and abrasion-resistant materials that can effectively cut the wood into desired pieces, thin strips or granules.


2. Feeding system: In order to allow the wood to enter the wood chipper smoothly for processing, wood chipper attachments are usually equipped with a feeding system. The infeed system conveys the wood from the stack or other source to the working area of the wood chipper and ensures a steady feed and correct positioning of the wood.


3. Discharge System: The wood chipper attachment may also include a discharge system for conveying wood chips, slivers or pellets from the wood chipper process to a suitable location for storage or further processing. The discharge system can automatically discharge the wood chips to improve the efficiency and continuous operation of the wood chipper.


4. Electronic control system: Some advanced wood chipper attachments are equipped with an electronic control system that allows for automated control and monitoring of the wood chipper. Electronic control system can accurately control the working speed of the wood chipper, cutting strength and other parameters, so that the operation of the wood chipper is more convenient and reliable.


5. Protective devices: In order to ensure the safety of operators and the normal operation of the wood chipper, some wood chipper attachments are also equipped with various protective devices. For example, safety gates, emergency stop buttons, overload protection devices, etc., which can detect and deal with potentially dangerous situations in time to protect the safety of operators and equipment.


To summarize, the functions of wood chipper attachments include knives, feeding system, discharging system, electric control system and protection devices. They can improve the working efficiency and safety of the wood chipper and meet the processing needs of different types of wood.